We will try and answer some of your Cremation questions you may have. We would first like to introduce ourselves.  We are Colbert County Memorial Cremation Services.  Our Crematory is located on the premises of our Funeral Home. We do NOT send your loved one somewhere else or “hire” another funeral home to handle our cremations. We handle the entire Cremation process from start to finish. We are a licensed and State inspected Crematory facility. Our Cemetery was established in 1958, then added our Funeral home in 1992 and added the Crematory in 2003.  We are a locally owned and operated family business. We are dedicated to serving our families as well as our community.

Many families today are considering Cremation for their final plans. However, most people do not know much about the Cremation process or services available to them. Many people incorrectly believe that choosing cremation means that a traditional funeral cannot be held. In fact, persons selecting Cremation for themselves or a loved one have the same options for services and merchandise as those who select casket burial. What many people do not realize is that cremation is a process and is not the final disposition of the human remains. A determination will need to be made as to the person’s final resting-place. This important place will be used to memorialize the life lived and will serve as a place for family and friends to visit and honor the memory of their loved one. The products and services you will need to purchase for your Cremation depends on your personal preferences, the type of service you want to have, and the final disposition of the cremated remains.

 Some of the most commonly chosen options for the final resting place for cremated remains of your loved one include:

1. Earth Burial – Some cemeteries have a designated area with burial spaces specifically designed for the placement of cremated remains. In addition, arrangements can sometimes be made to place an urn in the family lot where other persons in caskets may have their final resting-place.

2. Indoor/Outdoor Columbarium – A Columbarium is similar to a mausoleum for caskets. The smaller spaces or niches are used to place the urn and may have a glass or a granite front. Some niches may have additional room for personal items to be placed with the urn. Like a mausoleum, a Columbarium may be outdoors or within a climate-controlled building. Colbert Memorial is please to announce that we have finished phase one of our first ever, Columbarium.

3. Scattering – Some people choose to scatter all or a portion of their loved one’s cremated remains in a special location. Caution should also be exercised when scattering, as it is a final irrevocable act. Be certain that this is what you want to do before proceeding.  Also, scattering of cremate could be illegal in certain areas. So, please check local laws before scattering cremains.

4. Other Options – Determining the final resting-place of your loved one is a personal decision. Some people chose to keep the urn at their home for a period of time. This is ultimately your decision but it is recommended that you give consideration as to your long-term plans for the urn in your home. A trusted adviser or family member should have clear instructions as to what should happen to the urn or urns after your death.

There are several ways to plan your Cremation services.  We get phone calls all the time asking, “how much does it cost to be Cremated”.  The answer might seem simple, but again, people have different wants and needs. It is very important to first identify your specific personal type of Cremation service that you and your family are wanting.  Most people are unaware of the various Cremation services offered. So, after several years of listening to the needs of our families, we have tried to come up with different Cremation Service alternatives that should help make your Cremation planning process easier.  These Cremation Services range from Cremation with a traditional funeral to the simplest direct Cremation. Below, we have listed 4 of the most requested Cremation services that you may want to chose from. So, please call our Cremation specialist to help you identify the proper Service and Price that best fits your family’s needs

  I.               Memories Traditional Service
 Services of the funeral director and staff
 Freeport Wood rental casket for Funeral Service/ Visitation
 Local transfer to the funeral home
 Embalming
 Personal Care and Preparation
 Full Visitation
 Full Funeral Service
 Popular Memorial Package (Register Book, Cards, Folders, Laminate)
 Transfer to Crematory
 Standard Crematory fees
 Urn Credit ($ 295.00)

  II.           Journey Memorial Service
 Basic Services of the funeral director and staff
 Personal Care & Preparation (does not include embalming)
 Limited private viewing
 Local transfer to funeral home
 Memorial Service/ Funeral Service
 Standard Cremation Fee
 Transfer to and from Crematory
 Basic Memorial package (Register book, Cards, Folders, Laminate)
 Private View Container
 Urn Credit ( $ 195.00)

  III.        Reflections Private Viewing
 Basic Services of the funeral director and staff
 Personal Care & Preparation (does not include embalming)
 Local transfer to funeral home
 Limited Private Viewing
 Transfer to and from Crematory
 Standard Crematory fee
 Private View Container
 Urn Credit ($ 195.00)

 IV.       Cremation Without Service
 *Direct Cremation option is without embalming or cosmetics,
        (Therefore no visitation will be allowed with direct cremation)
 Local Transfer to Funeral Home
 Standard Cremation Fee
 Transfer to and from Crematory
 Basic Services of Funeral Director
 Cardboard Box Container
 Temporary Plastic Container

This is a brief explanation of some of the Cremation processes and services that Colbert Memorial has to offer. We have several Cremation specialists on our staff that can help assist you in your Cremation planning process. So, please give us a call at 256-383-2603.

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